How to keep DoYogis well and away from Corona

Dear Yogis,

So as everyone probably knows, we need to be extra careful in these days, to prevent the corona virus.
So, as a Yoga Studio, we do of course follow the general health instructions.

But let me just say, that the part with good hand hygiene and the part about of course not coming to yoga if you are sick, that is not just because of Corona, that is just normal nice and considerate behaviour to our co-yogis.
Yoga might make you feel better when you are sick, but it might make someone else sick.. and that is just not ok.


  • If you have been in the affected areas within the last 14 days, please don't come to yoga.
  • If you are sick, fever, if you cough and/or sneez a lot, please be considerate and stay at home.
  • If you are at yoga, mind your co-yogis and wash your hands often.
  • Don't cough and sneez in the direction of your co-yogis
  • Clean your yoga-matt after use.

I really do think that we all want to make sure, everyone is healthy and well, so of course we dont show up to yoga if we are sick and we show consideration to our fellow yogis 🙂

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